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~ For visitors and locals alike ~

Have you discovered a love for landscape/nature photography, but it frustrates you because you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with it?

Do you get the feeling your holiday photos are not up to scratch?

Would you like some help with the workings of your camera?

Or perhaps you would just like someone to re-inspire you, or help you to break away from those dreaded photographer's doldrums.

I offer low-cost assistance to both locals and visitors alike to this beautiful part of SE Queensland, and those who, like myself, have a strong desire, to photograph the natural assets of this unique seaside township and its idyllic surrounds. 
Subjects of interest may include the daily feeding of wild Indo-Pacific dolphins, tempting landscape/seascape scenery or the naturally occurring flora or bird-life that is in abundance here.
In addition, to help better your nature/landscape photography, my workshop/tours may also assist with learning to gain a better understanding of how to use, to our best advantage, natural outdoor lighting; along with some well worth knowing compositional guidelines, of which have been handed down through the ages by classic artists and those same guidelines that professional photographers use to this day, to build added interest and inspiration in their own creations.
From this inspirational and encouraging and low-cost experience you will no doubt be taking home some long-lasting memories and images of which you can proudly share with family and friends, in albums, on slideshows or via social networking pages; thus, spreading the word worldwide, with the ultimate aim of course - to attract more visitors to this charming and alluring part of the world, well situated along SE Queensland's beautiful Nature Coast.

Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia

So, if being able to take better images is your goal, or perhaps just to know how to get the best out of your camera, allow me to be the one to help you achieve that end.

Note: If you need help with your camera, please remember to bring the manual with you.

Your time to chill out...
I am sure you will find my 3-hour "one-on-one" workshop/tours to be a quiet and relaxing few hours in a casual and unhurried atmosphere. This, I know, will assist the brain to absorb better the advice and suggestions given.

For further information about my workshop/tours, any questions, feedback or thoughts you might have about your experience, please use "THIS" link to my contact form. Thank you - any feedback is much appreciated - good or bad!

I do like to keep numbers to a minimum . . .
Although I do prefer a "one-on-one" situation (excepting of course, where a minor is involved). Each session may consist of 1, 2 or 3 persons, but to allow for minimum environmental impact, the group should not exceed 6 persons.

Best times of day?
My preference is for the mornings, the earlier the better, but I am also flexible. If there have been no prior alterations to the morning's program, due for instance, weather or other underlying reason, we could be out, ready to catch that early morning magical light or sunrise. Those early hours also provide good times for seeking out the foreshore bird life; as well as all the other bird species that inhabit the area; some of which are migratory and others that have decided to stay all year round - but then, who could blame them either?

If you have other ideas of what you might like to do, my time can be flexible; however, whatever we do, be assured, it will be done in an easygoing and relaxed manner. And the great thing about it here is, there is no need to drive anywhere else; all can be covered on foot, if necessary. However, if there is a need to drive elsewhere, I would prefer separate vehicles.

Other workshop/tours can be arranged for shooting sunsets or to travel to nearby Rainbow Beach and/or Inskip Point (in separate vehicles, of course).

Finally, in the conclusion of your workshop/tour, I will advise and encouraged you to check out my Photo Tips & Tutorials site; as I am sure it will help as you progress along your photography journey.

"Let the memory of your stay here in Tin Can Bay remain in your hearts forever, whilst the images you take home with you live on as proud testament".

Take nothing but pictures...
leave nothing but footprints...
Kill nothing but time!

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Landline: (07) 5486 2745

Mob: (+61) 0438 831 947 

Alternative mobile: (+61) 0417 400 472

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